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Elderberry package - $7.99

Sample our Elderberry tea and elderberry honey. This sweet/tart tea contains elderberries and Echinacea which helps boost and support boost your immune system. Perfect for yourself or as a gift.

Wrapped up together, this gift package is the perfect way to help overcome or prevent a cold. It is also enjoyable as a tea without considering it's health benefits.
Tart, sweet and oh, so good! Like the name suggests, our Elderberry Wine is a full-bodied, complex tisane. With notes of grape and cranberry, it is a the perfect tea to sip on to satisfy the need for bold flavor. Blended With Hibiscus, Rose Hips, Elderberry, Echinacea, Apple Pieces, Lemon Grass, Raspberries & Blue Cornflowers.
Elderberry Pack